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Hey folks,

I’m a paid AppSumo (top tier) user. Yet, ActivePieces tells me I can’t access Admin Console because I need to be a “paid user”. Please clarify - I am most certainly and very much a “paid user”.

Also, how do we share scenarios? Say, we want to send a scenario as a template to a team member (privately, without the rest of AP users being able to access it) - how do we do it?




P.S.: There is also a search button on the form.
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Regarding the sharing of a flow, you have two options: you can share your entire project, granting team members access to your configured flows, or you can share a flow template: Can you Copy and share your flow? - #2 by Bram.

Appreciate your responses!

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Hi @Evgeny Thank you for being a top tier LTD customer, we very much appreciate all users and customers, Activepieces is only becoming better because of you all! :smiley:

These features existed before under a product that we called the Platform. This is not in our core plan (called Pro), but in other types of plans.

We’ve just renamed this panel into Admin Console and made it visible to everyone on all tiers with locks on (it was hidden before). Because this way you can explore if there is another feature you need from these hidden ones so you can subscribe to the suitable plan.

I’ll announce the changes soon and we’re also launching a new website that reflects all the offerings.

Sorry about changing things quickly but this is what is special about Activepieces, the speed! :smiley:

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