🤝 Platform: For Agencies and SaaS Companies

To our awesome Activepiecers,

Some of you might have noticed the pop up of the term Platform in our latest release and on our pricing page. We now feel confident about this product offering to make a full announcement about it, and we’re super excited!

:open_book: The Story

It all began with the classical question to any automation tool on earth: Are we yet-another-Zapier? The onset of our answer was: Yes! A friendly and open source Zapier.

However, we wanted to answer more problems with Activepieces. So we stayed close from our users and took tens of calls with you every month.

Today, we know that the majority of the automators are service providers who are working day and night to turn their clients work into magic, and we decided to empower them.

:angry: The Trouble

Here is where our dear service providers (aka agencies) were roasting us. They asked if they can:

  • Open sub accounts for their clients?
  • Split tasks among their clients’ accounts?
  • Decide which pieces will show to their clients?
  • Create custom pieces and show them in their clients’ accounts?
  • Take our branding off the open source version and add theirs?
  • Host Activepieces by themselves with multi tenancy without breaking their bank?
  • Embed our builder in their SaaS?

So we listened…

:boom: Introducing Activepieces Platform

:man_astronaut: Who is it for?

We spotted 2 major personas who can totally benefit from the Platform offering, and these are:

  1. Agencies: Serious agencies who want to own an automation platform to deliver their clients automations in. They can whitelabel it with their brand color and logo, customize pieces and templates, manage multiple projects and invite their clients to these sub projects.

    These can be specialized System Integrators or Software Development Agencies. They can use it as their primary integration tool or add it as a paid offering next to their services.

  2. SaaS Companies: A huge part of SaaS work is to integrate with the systems of their clients. This is usually done by either offering a self-serve automation portal in their product, or by offering professional services and writing code or using external tools to do the integrations.

    SaaS companies can use Activepieces as their integration facilitation tool and give access to their operations teams or to a third party to integrate in a prepared environment.

:thinking: What is it?

Activepieces Platform is a new management console that comes on top of the core automation product (Read about the features in our docs).

It allows you to:

:white_check_mark: Create multiple projects

:white_check_mark: Invite users to the projects

:white_check_mark: Change the color and logo for all your projects

:white_check_mark: Remove our “Built on Activepieces” badge

:white_check_mark: Show/hide any of the open source pieces

:white_check_mark: Add your own custom pieces to the projects

:white_check_mark: Replace our OAuth 2 apps with yours for full whitelabelling

:white_check_mark: Set the default UI language for your clients

:white_check_mark: Use your own mailing service to send system emails to your clients

:white_check_mark: Authenticate your SaaS users with JWT

:white_check_mark: Embed the UI in your SaaS

:desktop_computer: Deployment Options

In the past, we only wanted to offer self hosted proprietary features for a minimum annual contract of $50k, this has changed and our plans are much more flexible now. There are 2 deployment methods for the Platform:

  • Self hosted: The main advantage of this is that we don’t set limits on how many tasks you can process on your own machines.

  • Our Cloud: The main advantage of this is that you don’t need to setup and maintain Activepieces on your servers. The only difference in our pricing for the cloud is that you also pay for the consumed tasks.

We generally recommend the cloud version vs self hosting unless you work with clients in regulated industries (or if you have a reason for data to reside at your end), or if your business is task intensive (i.e your flows listen to messages in active Slack channels).

:money_mouth_face: Pricing / Is It Open Source?

The features of the Platform plan are built on top of our open source core software, but they are not MIT licensed. These are proprietary features (or in our GitHub terms, under the ee directories and require an enterprise license to work.

The pricing is available on our pricing page. We don’t adjust the pricing when you choose your preferred deployment method, so you can choose the one that works for you.

:fast_forward: How can I get started?

Until we roll out the self-serve setup for the Platform plan, you can reach out to us at sales@activepieces.com and we can discuss your needs, demo the product and onboard you on the plan.

With love, and bye now!
Team Activepieces


Are LTD users going to have access to this up to the task/month limit allotted? The Platform level pricing shows up to 50k tasks/month, while LTD deal was up to 200k tasks/month. How are LTD users considered for this, is there any special pricing for LTD?


We can add your tasks to the agency account @aizona + we’re releasing a more flexible offering soon (in a week or so).

Just checking if there were any updates on this front. Will LTD holders need to engage or request an extra step to enable agency options on their LTD account.

Hi @smartchoice and welcome to Activepieces!

Just checking if there were any updates on this front. Will LTD holders need to engage or request an extra step to enable agency options on their LTD account.

This won’t be part of any of the sold LTDs, unfortunately. We include all Pro features in LTDs and this will most likely not change in the future. Whatever we add to / include in the Pro plan will be automatically added to any LTD account.

Does this make sense?