Unable to load sample data for IMAP trigger


I am facing the exact same error and screenshot as shown in previous topic below:

The above has been marked as solved but I am unable to comment on it. Can anyone offer assistance?

@abuaboud I see you were able to fix the issue previously, can you please offer some assistance? I am using Google Workspace and have enabled app passwords. I can successfully authenticate however can not load sample data. I have sent multiple emails to this email, but nothing is loading

Hi @abuaboud or anyone else?

Hello @Al_Ed ,

Could you please confirm if there are any emails in the selected mailbox (i.e., INBOX)?

@kishanprmr Yes. There are thousands. I also sent new ones during testing to try and trigger a response but got nothing. The integration now times out after 600 seconds when it tries to run the automation


I am having the exact same issue and also using workspaces. Do we think this is an error due to Workspaces?

@abuaboud any chance you can take a look?

Hi @spressman and @Al_Ed

I am currently couldn’t reproduce the issue on my credentials, I am not sure what is the issue If i can’t reproduce it :confused:

I need to find the way to reproduce it, and If not I need to work on the debugging feature like we did here

To able get more information, which need sometime.

It randomly started working! Truly unsure why that was happening.