Temporarily deactivate/reactivate a specific step in the flow

I’d like to be able to temporarily deactivate / turn off a step in the flow, and then reactivate / reinstate / turn on that step later.

Right now, I can delete that step, but then have to set it back up from scratch later on. I also can create a backup copy of the flow before I delete that step. As long as I don’t make any further changes to the new version of the flow, then I can easily switch over to the backup copy. But if I start making changes to the new version of the flow, and then I want to reactivate that step, I still have to recreate it from scratch.

This feature would be helpful in the process of developing a flow, as I try to figure out what works and what does not. It also would be helpful as my needs fluctuate in terms of what kinds of alerts or other actions I want for that trigger.