Step by step tutorial on webhooks and how to add tasks using webhooks?

Is there a step by step tutorial on how to add webhooks and triggers as the app I use has webhooks and asks for a target URL. I am fairly new to this and have also added other tasks without issues. Would like to add apps that have webhooks now.

Hi @nanohits

If the trigger you are looking for already exists and is an instant one this means it is using a webhook already for you, and all you need is to fill in the required inputs for your case.
If it’s an app that doesn’t have a piece or the trigger doesn’t exist and you want to create a webhook for them, I recommend you use our webhook trigger and copy it’s url and follow instructions from the app you are trying to connect with on how to create a webhook, would you mind telling us what service you are trying to connect with ?

Trying to connect it to my Email Marketing service platform.
See attached

Quick suggestion: Due to security i would not suggst you to publish you webhook openly.

I also need help with this webhook connection.