Creating a new contact in LeadConnector (HighLevel) from a Linkedin Connection via webhook?

I want to create a new contact in my High Level CRM after a connection is established on LinkedIn.

I am using an automated service that provides a webhook on Zapier I could add that webhook and pull in the data I need. (I attached a picture of the zap that I used previously)

As of now, I can not do that with Active pieces. Here is what I would like help with, please.

  1. I send a connection request on LinkedIn, and they connect the webhook in the automated software is triggered (webhook is already generated in the LinkedIn automated software)

  2. Grab the data and map it to High Level CRM

Additionally, if it is not possible to receive a webhook I was going to use the time trigger every hour or day to pull the data from the webhook with the HTTP Request but I am lost on how to do that if that is the better option.

I understand the basics but if a simple step-by-step could be given that would help. Thank you all in advance.

Has anyone done this or something similar?

Hello @marcusatee ,

If LinkedIn Software has the facility to configure webhook to receive new connection event data, then you can use Webhook Trigger for that. Copy the URL and configure it to automated software. This will fetch data whenever a new LinkedIn connection is made.

If automated software doesn’t have the above feature and provides one URL from where data needs to be fetched (which you are doing in Zapier), you can use the HTTP piece to poll through the URL every hour/day.

Here are the flow steps required to use the HTTP piece.

  1. Schedule Trigger:

Add a Schedule trigger to set specific time intervals for polling through URL. You can choose every day/hour/week option per your requirement.

  1. HTTP Send Request:

Add Send HTTP request action from HTTP piece. Choose Method and put the webhook URL in URL field. If the URL endpoint requires authentication you can add that in Headers /Query Params field( see above image for auth).

Now based on which type of data the Software is sending you may want to transform it before sending it to High Level, then you can use a code piece or Text helper piece.

Let me know if you face any problems.

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I am trying this now, I will let you know the results. Thank you so much for the help, my man!

Hello @kishanprmr I hope you are well! I am super new to this and am also looking up how to use the “code pieces” and “Text helper”.

I don’t know how to write code. What is seems is if I put the information from the body as values in Lead Connector that will add it correctly but I need to understand how to add code to the body or do I just add the values?

Or is the Text helper used so I don’t need to write code?

Do I need to have something in the body of the HTTP piece?

This is the data that is pulled from the Zap now. Sorry for all the newbie questions :rofl:

Hi @marcusatee ,

You can use code piece/text helper piece if upcoming data from automated software needs to be restructured.

Can you please attach the response of HTTP piece from Activepieces, so it will be easy to figure out whether to use the code piece or text helper piece?

Is this what you mean?

yes, thanks for the detail. But there is no data in body.It’s showing (empty). Is this expected from the software side?

No normally with Zapier it just pulls over the fields like:

campaign id
First Name

This is the webhook section on Zapier

This is the Data that pulls from the Webhook

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