Problem with basic LOOP

Hi guys!

Im having problems with loop. Just for test, I created a real basic flow that generate a random number, and a google sheets action do add data inside a cell, as #index and #item.

The random number is = 7:

Number of loops are = 1 interaction only:

I want to loop as variable number perfomin action on each loop.

What am I doing wrong?

Tks guys!

The loop needs to take an array not a number. So if you’d like it to run 7 times, you need an array with 7 items.

Does this make sense?

Got it!
I jsut did some tests… But witch format should I use on this array. Should be [1,2,3,4] or only numbers?

When i pass a text from GPT as array to Loop pieces it is considering the “[” and “,”

Can you show me an example of format?

Many tks bro!

Hi @Torus ,

You can refer this guide for loop piece in details.

For your use case, if you want the loop to run 7 times, you need an array of 7 items from the previous step. If you are receiving an array from the ChatGPT step, you can directly pass it to the loop step.

Can you provide additional details regarding the specific objectives you aim to accomplish with the loop, I would be more than happy to offer further assistance and guidance.