Nothing loading upon login?

Hello - when I login to app, nothing seems to load, just a blank white screen. Kindly assist?


Same problem here!
The service provider can suddenly comment on why customers cannot access the servic?


Can you please Logout and Login again, or try in private mode It should work.

We are rolling out change to automate the logout for old tokens.

Thank you,

I am able to view my flows in incognito after login/logout - however I am automatically logged in in my regular browser. I have no way to actually logout cause the page doesn’t load.

Are you able to force log-out my user somehow? Is there a link I can paste in-browser to do so?

Edit: Nevermind, I misread the part about you rolling out the force log-out. Great - for now I will just work in private browser.

Forcing logout invalid token is deployed, should be live in 15 minutes

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