Ninja Forms Output To Google Sheets Please Help

Hey there I am trying to send the output of a ninja forms field to Google Sheets, I have enabled the webhooks add on ninja forms, but I have no clue what configuration is required / what settings - could someone please help me and

Hi @Your_Small_Business and welcome to Activepieces!

You need the Ninja Forms Webhook Addon in order to be able to use Webhooks there. Once you install it, you can get the webhook url as @Bram explained on Contact Forms Wordpress Submission to Google Sheets Please Help and paste it into Ninja Forms Webhooks.

Then you can test the webhook and use the data on Activepieces.

Does this make sense?

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Thanks I am aware of that I need more help end to end to help setup and configure it to create row with precise data I want to ingest, can you provide full workflow?

We can help if you have a specific problem at a specific point. Did you start implementing the flow? Where did you stop and what was the issue?

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