Contact Forms Wordpress Submission to Google Sheets Please Help

Can I please get help using webhooks to send the submission from a Contact Form - I see these options under Actions which I believe will be first step would be grateful if someone can provide workflow


The best to do is to use a webhook pieces, this provides an URL, which you could past in the settings of your wordpress form. The data of the form will be collected into AP via the webhook.


Thanks Bram - I appreciate the response - I am looking for some more specific support on how to set this up- really how do I get help from Active Pieces?

Let met try to help you,

  1. Create a new flow
  2. Let the first piece be a “Webhook”, you can find it on the right in the middle section named “core”. Select the Webhook.
  3. In the piece you see a URL. Copy this url.
  4. Open the setting, search for something like “action” or “Webhook” or “API” (maybe within advanced settings) of your form on Wordpress.
  5. Paste this URL in the Webhook section.
  6. Save the form.
  7. Preview the form
  8. Head back to AP, and open the Webhook piece and select “send data” done below maybe it is send test, not behind my pc right now.
  9. Fill out your form en hit submit
  10. The data should appear on the Webhook results in AP.

What could help is a YouTube Video on setting up a Webhook on a wordpress form. Should be similar actions.

Hope this helps.

Thanks I am after the steps in active pieces also if someone can walk through precise steps to set this up on active pieces side

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