🔄 Lead Connector (GoHighLevel) Piece Available on Activepieces

Hello Activepiecers!

Get ready to streamline your lead management process! We’ve just rolled a fresh new piece, integrating LeadConnector’s (GoHighLevel) robust suite of CRM and marketing automation features. If you are using a white-labeled GoHighLevel product, this will also work for you!

:memo: Connect Your Leads With our New Actions

  • Create Contact
  • Update Contact
  • Add Contact to Campaign
  • Add Contact to Workflow
  • Add Note to Contact
  • Search Contacts
  • Create Opportunity
  • Update Opportunity
  • Create Task
  • Update Task

:boom: New Triggers for Timely Follow-Ups

  • New Contact
  • Contact Created or Updated
  • New Form Submission
  • New Opportunity

:link: Connecting LeadConnector to Activepieces

LeadConnector provides API keys for you to use seamlessly in your automations. Note that only sub-level accounts (not agency accounts) API keys are usable, as the actions and triggers are not available for agency accounts. If you are not using an agency account, skip to step 3.

  1. If you are on an agency account, click on the accounts dropdown

  1. Select the sub-level account you want to use on Activepieces

  1. Go to settings

  1. Make sure you’re on the Business Profile page

  1. Scroll down and copy the API Key into Activepieces

How will you be using this piece, and is there any more capabilities you’d like to see? Let us know down below!

Till next time!

  • The Activepieces team

Can’t wait to try this out!


How exciting!! Thanks so much for adding this! Can’t wait to start using it. :slightly_smiling_face::raised_hands::+1::heart:


Please, it would be great to be able to map custom fields when a contact is updated.

I say this, because this way response automation could be carried out with Chat GPT through these custom fields.

Many people who use GHL do this by leveraging Zapier or Pabbly connect. Please if you could give this option it would be truly magical.

I attach a video showing how this bot is created through this simple feature.


It would be nice to get this done I linked a community question I asked. Help, please!

@MoShizzle @ashrafsam

Just a quick question - I know that GoHightLevel / Leadconnector is updating to a V2 of their API which users Oauth2 to connect. According to their support v1 (using the API key) will be sunset at the end of February.

GoHighLevel API V1.1.20

API v1 is deprecated, and it will be sunset by March 1, 2024.

Will the Leadconnector API be updated and working in time? Just want to be sure we don’t build automations and then in 3 weeks nothing works anymore.


Bumping this up. Wondering the same thing. Thanks!

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please any notice for this??

Attached is how pabbly connect already has the new part with the new version, please add it, we would greatly appreciate it

Hey @here, this piece has been updated to use the new API version, granted you will have to update your connection where you use it.

Let us know if there’s any issues with the piece (other than timezone dropdown in contacts actions, which we’re working on fixing :smiley:)


Hello, oh I understand!

And yes, I have detected a problem, if we add “contact created or updated” as a trigger, the trigger does not detect every time the contact has updated its labels.

Could you please review it?

I’ll explain why it’s important, what I do is label the contacts as “deleted” and I would like to send those with this label to a Google Sheet.

Thank you so much

I just saw that creating new Leadconnector connections requires a Client ID and Client Secret - do you have any idea and/or figured out how to use these? Thanks - I am not finding anything useful online

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Some help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Please!!, Add the function create/update custom fields contact module in gohighlevel


Please, could you add to the Gohighlevel piece the option to “Create Subaccount/location”, and the option to please update the fields of a contact reflecting the custom fields that the contact has?

It would be amazing…

Creating a new Leadconnector connections involves using a Client ID and Client Secret. Does anyone know how to do this?

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I’m also wondering about this, also getting error that says “HttpException: No integration found with
the id: 6613f44dffca6b9e436e58a3”