๐Ÿš€ Introducing: New Actions & Triggers for Notion and re:tune Integration

Hello Activepiecers,

Weโ€™re excited to announce the arrival of new features to expand your automation capabilities! Get ready to upgrade your workflows with our latest enhancements.

:notebook::sparkles: Notion Integration Just Got Better!

Notion enthusiasts, rejoice! We have rolled out new actions and triggers that will streamline your content management efforts:

  • Create Page Action: Create new pages in Notion directly through Activepieces.
  • Append to Page Action: Easily add new content to your existing Notion pages.
  • Updated Database Item Trigger: Activates when a database item in Notion is updated.

Weโ€™ve also added extra functionality to existing actions:

  • Create Database Item: You can now insert content in your new item with the content field.

:robot::loud_sound: Power Up Your Interactions with re:tune Ask Chatbot Action

Looking to integrate an intelligent chatbot into your workflow? The new re:tune piece is here:

  • Ask Chatbot Action: Effortlessly incorporate AI-powered conversations into your automation flows.

Take advantage of these powerful new features and keep transforming the way you work and create with Activepieces.

Happy Automating!

  • The Activepieces Team

Hi, I would like to know if there is any documentation on how to better use Re:tune Action with Activepieces.
How Re:tune can read the history interaction with the chat, I want to use it on a Discord Channel.
I tried triggering the new message on Discord then Ask Chatbot Action afterward, but when I answer the bot itโ€™s not returning anything (used as a Channel Webhook to return the answer), can you provide a template, please?

Thanks in advance.


I canโ€™t seem to see or add the re:tune action?

Is it still alive?

HI @Ash

Yes, It live press on add step (+) because ret:une are actions (not trigger) since it canโ€™t be first step, let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

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Love the improvements, thanks for improving this piece of art!

Sorry but there is no re:tune in my tasks to ask? Can you help me?

Sorry but there is no re:tune in my actions to ask? Can you help me?

@Jens_Sessler Can you search for re:tune we will improve the search in next version, I think this is the issue