🛠️ Introducing Forms (previously Interfaces): Trigger Your Workflows with Ease!

Hey there, Activepiecers!

We’re rolling out something fresh for you to play with! Meet the Forms piece — the latest addition to the Activepieces toolkit that gives you a new way to use your flows. Here’s an overview:


Unleash Creativity with Forms :art:

With the Forms trigger, you now have the power to manually kickstart your flows. Create your own form interfaces, add text and file inputs to build a unique trigger that suits your needs.


Easy Flow Start & Versatile Responses :white_check_mark:

Using the Forms piece, you can:

  • Trigger a flow directly from your custom form after adding a form trigger to your flow and defining the inputs.

  • Return a response— flip the Wait For Response switch and ensure to use the return actions from the Interfaces piece.

  • Display results in markdown or download a file post-submission using the return actions from the Forms piece.


Note: This feature is still in its MVP phase, which means more awesome functionalities will be added as we learn from your usage patterns.

Form Possibilities are Endless :rocket:

With Forms, enhance your workflow with:

  • ChatGPT API interactions.

  • Agile file manipulations, e.g encryption, image resizing, and more.

  • Streamlined data entry processes.

  • Customer feedback collection

Remember, this is just the beginning. Dive in, experiment, and share how you’re leveraging Forms in your setups.

Stay tuned, and keep automating!

— The Activepieces team


Love it.
When can ge get more options? (radio, dropdown, and so on)
And when can we embed this in a webpage?


Hi @Eduardo

Nice feedback keep it coming, we are so focused now on understanding the use cases to solve the right problems.

and for anyone reading this message, please share your usecase.

Thank you,


So these are public (form-like) interfaces you can share with others?

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I would love to be able to do something like this:

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 10-55-59 - Workspace codes

embeded in my Wordpress page. It is important also to be able to change even the “Send” button to use other languages.

Very excited about this!! :slight_smile:


So these are public (form-like) interfaces you can share with others?

Yes @S_M

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This is nice… not sure if something needs to be done for selfhosted? Other webhook flows work fine, but I do get a link generated? Is there a step I need to do first?

Thanks for the pieces.

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Please upgrade your instance ghcr.io/activepieces/activepieces:0.20.0-rc.3


@abuaboud thank you, yep, on v19. Thanks again.

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Experiencing same {{interfaceUrl}} problem as @abuaboud was, and I’m using 0.20.0-rc.3.

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I’m using the cloud verison of these new features and its not working. I created a simple flow and no matter what I do I get the follow error:

I have simple form that stores and retrieves a zipcode.

Any help is appreciated!

Here’s what my flow looks like:

Hi @AllenD

Can you please share the flow, you can share the flow by clicking on the arrow down near the flow name then press share and share with us the link.

Here’s the flow template: https://cloud.activepieces.com/templates/YwAeDC8zFX7mk6QFkx8nw


@AllenD This should be fixed now, can you try it out for yourself?

Hey guys,

These look fantastic. Been having a play about, but if the output is too long, I cannot scroll to see it all. The only way is to decrease the zoom in the browser. (see attached gif).


Kind regards,

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Any updates on this?

Specially on being able to embed the form on a webpage, so people can use it without being logged in ActivePieces :slight_smile:


Are Interfaces basically…forms? :slight_smile:

Wooow, I can see that Interfaces has changed name to Forms (BETA).

Now it allows for a toogle field (Perfect!!!).

Only think I am missing is allowing the form to be embeded and allowing non-registered users to access it.

Thanks for the great work. Very excited about this :slight_smile:

@here, to give you guys an update: since you’re basically calling it that, we’ve renamed interfaces piece to Forms.

We’ve also added two new field types:

  • Text Area
  • Toggle

Till next time!