🛠️ Introducing Forms (previously Interfaces): Trigger Your Workflows with Ease!

Smart move :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Any chance you could white-label the forms, please? Forms is the only “external” bit of ActivePieces that I would want to expose to my customers, and it would be great for it to be white-labelled.

Could it also be embeddable?


Good looking out on the scrollbar AP :heart: We appreciate you guys! You probably don’t hear it often, but thanks for all your continued hard work and support to your user base.


+1 for this, this would be sweet if possible

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After the last update, Forms is not working for me. In the trigger I only have the option of getting true if the form has been sent. Before I was able to include the info sent by the form.

It now works for me. Apparently I had to recreate all the steps. Sorry :slight_smile:

This is a really cool addition to the Activepieces cinematic universe!
As an MVP it’s unfortunately (but expectedly) not yet sufficient for my usecase, I’d love to see:

  1. (Custom) constraints on input values, like “email”, “phone number” or a custom regex for the brave.
  2. Drop-down questions to limit input to a set of values. Even better if I can pull them in dynamically from a data source.
  3. Conditional “branches” based on earlier inputs. For example: only asking for an email if the user has enabled a “subscribe to newsletter” toggle.
  4. Combining #2 and #3: dynamically determine the set of input values based on an earlier answer. For example: asking the user to select a region, then asking them to select a store within that region.

These are long-term goals of course, but I figured I might as well chip in early :smile:


Huge game changer for trigerring automation!
Thanks for pushing this feature!

One improvement that I see, so I could push this to customers is a auto-filled fields coming for url parameters (and if possible, a possibility to make the fields hidden)


I get that same error but the form still seems to work….

@TimMan do you get an error but the flow still triggers fine?

@Eduardo & to those here, we’ve also released an update recently making forms publicly accessible, so you can now share the form link with anyone to use without being logged into AP.


Great. This is very promising. Hope you continue improving it, it can become a real alternative to paid form pieces :slight_smile:

No more updates on Forms?

You are so close … :slight_smile:

I am missing a better format for the embeding. Right now there is a lot of empty space everywhere and the form is not responsive. Example:

I am also missing more options for the form: radio, dropdown menues, email box and so on. The toggle option is OKish, but a bit cumbersome to work with if there are several options.

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This is such a great addition to the platform - and there are myriad possible uses for this, so well done in adding this.

I’ve been testing it out, and in particular the ‘file’ upload option. Interestingly, if I add the file field to a form, it shows correctly, and functions for pulling up a “select file” dialog, but in practice you are unable to select a file. It just shows all file types as “greyed out” and you can’t actually select a file.

As a side point, and given that I’m not able to test beyond that - will the file selector provide the ability to select multiple files at a time?

Anyone else have any experience, or tested and noticed the same, with this so far?

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Would it be possible for me to generate this form in HTML using the “< form >” tag?

I’m asking because in Thrivecart it is possible to fill a custom HTML form in the background anytime one of numerous interesting behaviors take place. But it needs to be an HTML form using the “< form >” tag.
For example, anytime one of my students finishes a lesson or a module, Thrivecart can submit a form.
Activepieces would allow me to use that input to send specific emails, or add labels or even send them a video congratulating them.


For us it would be super great to use a kind of

1.)Multiple Choice Field +
2.) Fields incl. conditions (e.g. contion = if field MultiplceChoise Option1 is selected → a specific filed will hide).
3.) A field where the enduser can sign with his signature → stored as an image value

Is there any info what and when the next update for “Forms” will be release ? Would be great to know - for me this is a super smart feature please improve on here :wink: