Integration with Lead Conector (Go High Level)

It would be great to be able to integrate with El Conector (Go High Level’s white label) to send contacts and all types of data both in the agency account and in the sub-accounts.

I’m hoping for this integration as well. The generic (gray-label) app name is actually “Lead Connector” and not El Connector, just to clarify. High Level (GHL, or Go High Level) has hundreds of thousands of users, so it would be wonderful to have an integration with ActivePieces. :slight_smile:


For convenience, here’s a link to information about the HighLevel API:

And, here is a direct link to the API docs:


Thank you @jerbecca, the current blocker is that we don’t have an account that has API Access to build the integration.

@ashrafsam posted about it today

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Would that be the $297 monthly plan or the $497 monthly plan? (The $497 monthly plan is for white-label agencies, and I think they might have expanded API access, but that would need to be verified.)

I’m on the $97 monthly plan at the moment, but hope to upgrade soon.

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Actually, how long would you need the account? Because you can get a 30-day free trial for any plan (if you use someone’s link who has a 30-day trial option). And then you can extend the trial for another week or two after that. I’d recommend using a virtual credit card service like that you can put $1 on so that if you forget to cancel after the trial, it won’t charge an actual card.

I did this about a year ago to try out GHL and think I managed to extend the trial twice for a total of another 30 days on top of the initial 30 day trial. Also, another trick is that you can just sign up again with different account information to get another 30-day trial and extend that as well. (I’ve done that before as well.) :slight_smile:

I’ll snag a 30-day free trial link and leave it in another post.

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Here’s a link to a 30-day trial (that you can extend for another 14 days… when your trial reaches the last 7 days, if you head to your agency view → settings → you should see the extension option.)

Again, if you use a virtual card from or just use any card with no balance, you they won’t be able to charge you if you forget to cancel. :slight_smile: And, you can repeat this process as many times as necessary to complete the GHL integration.

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If you have not gotten access to go high level i can give you login if need be!

They just had some major updates and this is one of the top crms in the game right now. Just listed on fortune 5000. They have a v1 and v2 of api, use the v2 as its whats being built on now!

This is a game changer and would be awesome!

This is real? @abuaboud

Is the integration with gohighlevel already working correctly?

Indeed it is! @here we have released our new LeadConnector (GoHighLevel) piece. Check our latest announcement for more info: 🔄 Lead Connector (GoHighLevel) Piece Available on Activepieces

Let me know if I can help with anything!

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This is so awesome!! Thanks a million ActivePieces team! :slightly_smiling_face::raised_hands::heart: