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Disclaimer frist: Yes, I am aware of the fact that we/you are struggling with getting a meta-approval for activepieces.
But: I think we I want should be possible by registering a “personal” app like described here: Connect to Facebook and Instagram doesn't work - #3 by CTRStage
This is why I ask anyways.

From what I have seen so far, it is only possible to connect to instagram as an output. But what I am looking for is a trigger. So something like “As soon as I post something do …”. And as this would only be interacting with my personal posts, I think it should be possible with a personal app (as stated above).
But from what I see no instagram trigger exists or is even planned. Did I miss something? Or is this based on the “general struggle with meta”?

Are there other tricks to achieve what I want? Any input/hint/trick/tutorial/script/… welcome

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The first thing I’d think about is to use a Webhook trigger and register it on Meta for the events you need.

Is this achievable somewhere on Meta?

Good point!

But as far as I know is that there are webhooks for mentions/comments/stories/… but not for new posts:

The problem - and what’s throwing a lot of people - is the way Facebook/Meta organizes access to their API. It’s more flexible than others but requires more hoops to get through.

Facebook is the worst, because there are “accounts”, “pages”, “posts”, “comments”, etc. They want you to tell them exactly what you plan to do. There isn’t a catch-all. Then the permissions are not intuitive.

What you’re asking to do is the Zapier approach. You can do that, but you still have to go through the full steps to authorize the connection. They don’t have simple webhooks like X/Twitter or whatever because they basically want to track what you’re doing with it to avoid abuse. Which isn’t a bad thing.

@psonstige apparently got it working with a personal account. But numerous posts on the web warn that if you don’t do business verification, it’s a fragile proposition and risky. So it’s caveat emptor. There’s no downside to a business account, from our perspective, but it’s up to whoever.

AP may never be able to do an out-of-box solution because of this registration hierarchy. There is no “generic” API that Meta offers. Again, may not necessarily be a bad thing.

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