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I tried to connect Facebook and Instagram, but the instructions are outdated and neither works. On Instagram, I receive the following message. Additionally, I attempted to add the domain to the App Domains on, but it won’t save. When I try to connect the account regardless, the following error is displayed by the API (translated from German to English):
“URL cannot be loaded: The domain of this URL is not included in the app’s domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your app to the app domain field in your app settings.”

Regarding Facebook, the redirect link ( is not saved under App Domains or “Allowed Domains for the JavaScript SDK”. It seems that a complete company verification is required, but that can’t be right, can it?

I would appreciate any help.

Best regards

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Okay, i have finally connected the page, but my facebook and instapage aren’t visible/can’t be finde by active pieces, what can i do?

Company verification is required, yes.

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So i finally managed to set it up… you don’t need a business account and you don’t need a verification. But the instructions are missing the most important step. You need to generate an access token for your developer account if you haven’t done that before!

For everyone who’s trying to repeat that, here are the CORRECT steps:

-Go to
-Make a new app, Select Other for usecase.
-Choose Business as the type of app.
-Fill the App Domain with Domain in Redirect URL.
-Add new Product → Facebook Login for Business.

-Navigate to Facebook Login for Business Settings
-Copy this to “Valid OAuth Redirect URIs”:
-Copy this to “Allowed Domains for the JavaScript SDK”:
-Activate Login with JavaScript-SDK
-Go to Navbar => Tools => Graph API Explorer or here (Graph API Explorer - Meta for Developers)
-generate an access token, by requesting the user and app keys from the drop-down menu and log in with your credentials (Don’t know if the names are the same in english, i translated that in english)
-Copy and Paste App ID and App Secret into the active pieces fields and connect


Thanks @psonstige! Have you tested this solution out in a flow…everything work smoothly?

Yes, facebook and instgram are working

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Good job, bro. this is where I been stuck at since getting activepieces

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How did you set up the permissions?

As described above, you need to generate a token, execute a request and choose the permissions, just look in YouTube for Facebook Graph API for visual explanations. This are all the settings i have

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Glad you got it working. Just FYI:

Facebook Login for Business

is prone to break if you don’t verify with a business account. That’s already happened to tons of people when Facebook changed the API a few years ago.

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All right, didn’t know that, didn’t made any performance tests yet, but thank you for the information

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