IMAP issues - emails not receiving

Hi team, looks like the IMAP is not picking up emails again. Not sure why this is an ongoing issue. None out of today 20+ emails were picked up.

HI @karla

Did you republish this flow after we did the fix for IMAP (Load Test data) before couple of days?

yes, of course and it was working fine that day!

Now, when I try to connect a new email, it gives me the following error:

Connection failed: {“errno”:-3008,“code”:“ENOTFOUND”,“syscall”:“getaddrinfo”,“hostname”:“”,“source”:“socket”}

Hi @karla I added a new account and it all worked fine. Are you sure you:

  1. Enabled IMAP for that account.
  2. Used the correct IMAP settings including TLS and 993 port.
  3. Created an App Password and used it.

Hi! Today we found out what the issue (on the front end) is:
When we were using the subject as the branch filter, it was not working, because for whatever reason, not all the emails come in with a subject (?).
So when we used the email “to” as a filter, it works.
Now the question is…why is the subject missing in 50% of the emails?

Hi @karla I tested the IMAP piece and all the emails I saw had subjects. Can you post the output of the IMAP trigger in one run that doesn’t have the subject? Make sure to strip off any personal information or IDs.

Hi team,
Any idea why IMAP is not working well? Did not trigger any result for the past few hours, but it should have triggered at least 30+ times.