Internet connection error message when setting up IMAP

When I try to set up my IMAP connection for Gmail, following all appropriate instructions, I get an error message “Internal Connection error, failed please check your console.”

It’s working for me. Does this happen in the connection popup or after when you test the step?

Can you post a screenshot of your connection settings without any personal information?

Sure, here’s what I get: Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 6.11.49 PM.png - Google Drive

Hi team, I also had the same issue. Then I had a new issue:

@mmarrs I’m wondering why your username is ActivePiecesRun, it looks like you’re using the name of the App Password you added on Gmail? You should use your email here and only use the App Password in the password field.

Oh thank you, this is my first time using IMAP and I didn’t know I was supposed to put my email there, not the app password title/“username”.

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