Images from Google Drive - URL works in pieces test but not in full test

So I’ve read through this thread Getting images from Google Drive and I am able to set up the loop to get the url for the image.

However, this only works when I test each step individually. When I test the whole flow, the url isn’t produced and gives me the image ID in a format like this: file://step_12/1J_ncxA9657plIytjPOVQCnR_Ck-nV.png

I’ve tried storing the urls in a list to use later in the workflow as well as adding them to a sheet immediately and all I get is the same issue.

Any ideas?

@Chris_Robinson hi, To be honest I’m still struggling with this as well, but, I did realize my web hook was set wrong. It would best to show your flow and the prompts. Smarter people than me can help better by seeing how you have it setup. My biggest struggle is actually (like you I think) is using the returned url the read piece produces further in my flow. When I use the WP piece to post to blog, it does work for featured image, but for some reason, I cannot get it to work in the body of the post, or even email body. I have tried html tag, and insert for email, etc…
one thing for me as mentioned was the webhook, if you are self-hosting and using ngrok make sure you have your tunnel set correctly and pointing to the machine running AP. As I self-host, I had to use the same IP with correct port of AP where AP is running which is a local ip behind my firewall. Again, not sure if my setup is correct, but it works for at least getting the image.

Hope this help alittle.

Activepieces don’t store the files after execution, so they’re only valuable during the execution. You can pass them to any other step that has “File” input.

Now, the question is if you want to send it outside, like send it over http. Use the files helper piece; it can read the file and give it back to you in base64, so you can send it over HTTP.

Does that make sense?

Hi @abuaboud. Thank you and yes it makes sense, the problem I’m having (lack of experience) more than likely, is getting the output to actually be a file. I noticed as an example that using the WP piece and taking output and using result of the image helper piece, it will upload and rename, etc… and file is on server, for some reason, when sending email, or wanting to use the output in the body of a post, it either does not show, or as you mention it’s only available during execution and then gone. Granted webhook, is short lived. At least for me, I know I’m missing something simple, but not sure what it is. I have used html tags to reference link, etc… both in posting and email. Nothing seems to hold the link. Also noticed that if image size is greater than 2Mb, the pieces fails, and causes connection error, and must refresh. Is there a way to allow 3-4 Mb file sizes?

Thank you for the help.

I’ve gone a different route on this and now have a working process using different pieces.

However, I was able to get the url of the google drive file ONLY when I ran a test on the Read File. If I ran a full test of the workflow, it looped the file://step_12/1J_ncxA9657plIytjPOVQCnR_Ck-nV.png over and over.

I was planning on taking the image url, adding to a google sheet for Picnie to then use to create an image. Since then I’ve decided to use Robolly.

There is a slight issue with Robolly in that the files helper won’t create a Base64 from the url but I was able to add the Robolly url to a google sheet. From there, I created an apps script in sheets that downloaded each Robolly image and saved it into a different google drive folder. I used the Code piece to automatically trigger the apps script after the loops had finished their iterations.

I now have an almost fully automated image creation process.

I understand this isn’t at all helpful to anyone else but just shows there’s more than 1 way to skin a cat

My cat was skinned with a webhook call to

I had to process files from Google Photos. Within a piece I called a webhook at to do the job.

This is certainly not an ideal solution, but at least it gets it up and running and consumes far fewer credits at Make, as the process only involved a subsection and not all the process.

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