How to self host Activepieces on your home and access it over the internet

Hello y’all, I’m back (kinda)

If you have a Raspberry PI, other “mini” server, or anything capable of running Linux; you can host Activepieces at home and get all benefits of the Self-hosted version. You can even process webhooks!!! For free!!!

You can get access to the tutorial here: How to self-host Activepieces at home

If you need any help, feel free to comment there, or here. I’ll try to answer your questions ASAP.

Hi Pablo,

Welcome back, happy to see you again!

I’ve been thinking about self hosting, but not technical at all. Can you see if having a Linux server like this one will do the trick from HyperHost? It is pretty cheap I think and it would be great if that is possible.

KR Bram

@Bram What’s your incentive to self host Activepieces? Geeking out or saving money? Or something else?

I think they don’t sell VPSs, you need a VPS in order to install docker and then AP. I recommend you to check this out:

There is a lot of offers of VPSs for cheap.

Hi @ashrafsam, yeah geeking out. For now I have enough tasks to do everything I like. Maybe the future things will be different, but still not planning on moving away from the cloud.

Met technical knowledge of hosting and setting up systems is very limited. But I do believe it would be good to understand. There are many more open-source solution I would like to make use of but all future plans.

Kr Bram

Thanks I will check it out! Looking forward to dive in deeper