How to self host Activepieces on your home and access it over the internet

I just ran what you say and stopped asking questions… what’s the worst that could happen, right?
You were right, it worked as you said… no assumptions.

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Don’t worry, I know this can be hard sometimes. Glad it worked.

I’ll explain a little to you.
When you run docker compose up -d it will recreate the containers based on your modifications to the docker-compose.yml, so no need to do anything else.

The docker stop and rm and so on, you need it only if the previous step fails and you don’t know why.

Is a little more complex than this, but for docker compose, if you follow this, you should be ok.

Thank you for the explainer.
Very much appreciated.

I wish coding documentation could be personalized with competency levels, and as you get more competent, it reduces the explainers for reader/learner.

Like you select you are a newbie “hold my hand”, and every step is clearly stated at every snippet shown. Or something like that.

normally it will be enough:
starting: docker compose up -d
stopping: docker compose down

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2 possibilities:

  1. portforwarding:
    Use any port from your home-router and forward it to your docker instance.
    Access it like:

2.: reverseproxy
I am using traefik as a reverseproxy. So I have to forward Port 80 and 443 to my docker instance
Then - in traefik I do something like this:
proxy is the network defined from traefik
traefik.enable: “true” “websecure” “Host(`)” “true” “http_resolver” “80” “proxy” “default@file”
- activepieces
- proxy

- subnet:
external: true

Thank you very much. youre the best

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Super Great ! Thanks. Works nice1 :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :muscle: