How to accurately check mails using New Email piece?

How does the New Email piece work, in detail?

I am, creating a flow for: when emails come into a less used Gmail inbox, an email is sent to a usually used email account with a simple alert to check the Gmail account.

Without putting in a delay at the beginning it’s checking every minute. The flow saw and alerted on every email over about a 20 minute test, but it missed one email. The email before that missed email was 3 minutes before, and the one after was 6 minutes after so it should have seen it.

1. Why was that email missed and how can I resolve that?

A check every minute is too often, and I was thinking of checking every 30 or 60 minutes but I would first like to resolve why the one email above was missed, then…

2. What happens when I set a 30 minute delay between checks and more than one email come in (does it only see the latest email)?

The ideal solution is to see every message in the Gmail inbox and alert on it, or to check every X minutes and say Y emails have come in the last X minutes.

As I don’t know how the New Email piece works in detail, I’d like some help with this.

Thank you.

Hello Bharat,

As far as you’re aware, was there something different about the email that was missed? A big attachment perhaps? Special codes or characters? Just trying to help you figure out why it didn’t trigger on that specific email.

Hello Mo,
There was no attachment and I cant see what is odd about the email.

I have the flow going and just checked recent alerts and there are 2 missing. See screen capture here: Image 2023-11-21 at 2.46.52 PM where the green arrows show successful alerts and red show missed alerts.

Here are screen recodings of the 2 missed emails: Screen Recording 2023-11-21... and Screen Recording 2023-11-21...

Any suggestions to resolve this would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi @MoShizzle

I forgot to mention that as you can see in the screen capture the order of the email sends vs when they actually came in gets mixed up in a few cases.

Have you any updates on fixing the missed alerts, and can you reply to point to about longer delays and how emails are checked?

Thank you.

Do the ‘failed’ emails show in your Activepieces run log?

@Dennis , thank you, I just checked the latest alerts and the latest email which did not get alerted does NOT appear in the logs.

@MoShizzle can you please update me on this and how to resolve it?