Checking All emails with New Email piece not functioning

This is a continuation of this:How to accurately check mails using New Email piece? because I can’t reply as it’s been closed.

I’m now using the ‘All’ option for the Mailbox when checking emails in Gmail.

When testing the flow, it works OK (it finds an email and then sends it), but when I leave it work on it’s own, no emails are sent. It used to send emails on its own before the ‘All’ update.

When I click to Publish the flow, it says ‘Your flow has invalid steps’ when moving the mouse over the grey Publish button, and then it takes a long time to publish and then alerts with a ‘Publish failed’ in red at the bottom of the screen.

See screen recording here (the failed Publish is towards the end of the video): Screen Recording 2024-01-15...

I didn’t and don’t have a schedule (though it worked without a schedule but didn’t send all the emails previously hence the ‘All’ test now), but how often does it check when there is no schedule?

Can you help with…

  1. Publishing
  2. How to get the sends to function.
  3. Schedule delay and changing it.

Thank you,

Can someone please help with this? I posted the issue 18 days ago and still haven’t received a reply.

I just checked again and now the list of Mailbox’s is not appearing, even after the suggested page load. See screen recording here: Screen Recording 2024-02-02...

As an update, the list of mailboxes is now appearing and I can select ‘All’ again.

Now the ‘test flow’ works (an email is found and the action of sending a related email works), but when published, the emails are not being sent/received on the action?

Can someone please help with this?

IMAP piece has been rewritten and related issues should be fixed by now.

Hello @abuaboud , Kishan and I resolved the issue after he installed the new IMAP related library (now using IMAP Piece v0.2.6) and clarifying the configuration settings.

Thank you for your help.

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