How can get a transcript from my youtube video( which is recently upated)

Im trying to download the transcript of my video which is usually generated by zoutube automatically, how can i get that/how can i download that.

i cant get the transcript from chatgot without plugin and i cant use that by using apis

Please help

So far, we don’t have an action / trigger that gets the transcript generated by YouTube.

We recently launched Whisper actions under the OpenAI piece. Which can transcribe videos.

Is this something you’d like to explore working with? The only challenge I’m thinking about is getting the YouTube video and passing it to Whisper. It might be possible but it’s not clear in my mind yet.

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this transcript feature will be the game changer for all the content writer/author and marketers out there. it would be super usefull if we all are able to do that

second short from youtube is not useful most of the time and ususally doenst have any relevancy so it would be also great if we could select the min time of newly updated video like 1 min, 3 min etc since zappier has that mostly used feature and thats the only thing which is keeping me to use zappier i would love to complete transform my acts here if possible :slight_smile:

Yeah this would be amazing.

New Video Added to Youtube Channel > Transcribe Audio to Text > Copy Paste Text into Chat GPT + Prompt to create it into an article :slight_smile:


Hi Ashraf, do we have any update since this is most asked feature by the user and my only hope to extend my features to my offering. can you please share any update to this thread?

@mirzajhanzaib check this: How to extract transcript from Youtube video

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Solved with the help of @PFernandez98 , a big shout out!

Detailed reference article you may find it below

@ashrafsam Its resolved now. thanks also for your hint as well.

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