Gozen Forms to Notion

Hey there,

I’m having a bit of trouble with a flow I’ve set up. I want to move the information I receive in Gozen Forms over to my Notion table. I’ve added the webhooks to Gozen Forms, but it seems like the information isn’t coming through, even though I’m getting responses on the form.

Here’s the flow:

  1. Webhooks
  2. Gmail
  3. Notion

What I’m aiming for is to create a clear path for each field.

Any suggestions on how to make this work? Thanks!

Hi @Yaiza - did you try to click on Send Data and trigger the webhook to receive the testing data?

In other words: Where do you see that the data is not being received?

Hey @ashrafsam

Thank you for the quick response!

Yes, I did test that step, and after a few hours, I’m receiving the data (perhaps there’s a slight delay on Gozen’s end). I can see that it’s fetching all the data, but my email arrives half-empty:

Additionally, Notion is giving me this error:

I’d like to match these fields, but it seems that “Contact” isn’t on the list I can edit in AP:

Hi @Yaiza ,
Did you map value of notion column “Budget” from dropdown or from “Gmail” step output data?

Hi @kishanprmr, I mapped out the value from the Webhooks body directly.

@Yaiza , Thanks for the reply.
I tried to create minimal example of this flow using Gozen form.

I’m guessing fields which are shown in square bracket in your mail are “Option” fields in Gozen form. (i.e. [“Instagram”], [“Bar / Club”]).

When recieving response from this form into Activepieces, Are you getting these option fields values in bracket format?


I can see “Contacts” column is relational field. Currently, “Add database item” action will not show relational fields list.

Hey @kishanprmr,

I’ve been doing some more testing, and it seems that I’m only receiving the “Option” fields in my responses. Everything else appears to be missing. Interestingly, when I test the webhooks, I can see all the responses. :thinking:

Regarding the “Contacts” column, I hope it becomes available soon. :pray:

Do you have any insights into why the flow is only picking up the “options”?


Can you show us how you select the options in the email step? I can see they’re received in the teat you posted, so you’re supposed to be able to select them

Hi @ashrafsam,

I began by testing the webhooks step and then proceeded to set up the Gmail step. Within the HTML body, I selected the specific items from the webhooks body that I want to appear in the email.

  1. Did you publish the flow after you made your last modifications?
  2. Did you check what the output of the webhook and the input to the email step in the Runs tab in your dashboard? That’s the only place that can tell us what went wrong.

Hi @ashrafsam

  1. Yes, the flow was published after all changes.
  2. Only I can see an error on the Notion step, however the gmail step is not working properly.

Not sure what do you refer, here are some screenshots:

If it’s not private, can you post the input/output of the Gmail step here?


{“cc”:,“bcc”:,“auth”:“CENSORED”,“subject”:“:zap: Hi there, new Lead on Clarity Call”,“receiver”:[“tanicdesign@gmail.com”],“reply_to”:,“body_html”:“Lead submission on the clarity call :raised_hands:!\n
\n You are?
\nWhat’s your email?
\nSo tell me, where did you find us? ["Instagram"]
\nAre you a hospitality brand? Yes
\nWhat are you wanting help with? ["Bar / Club"]
\nWhere? Can you describe the space? test
\nWhat is the problem you’re looking to solve? tst
\nWhere is your business based in? test
\nWhat’s your business website URL?
\nWhat is your budget for such design services? ["£ k"]
\nAnd finally, when do you want your project to start? ["I’m running late"]”,“body_text”:“New Lead: {"body":{"Where is your business based in?":"test","What’s your business website URL?":"t","So tell me, where did you find us?":["Instagram"],"What are you wanting help with, _?":["Bar / Club"],"Where? Can you describe the space?":"test","Nice to meet you, _! What’s your email?":"test@test.com","What is your budget for such design services?":["£ k"],"What is the problem you’re looking to solve?":"tst","Okay, we’ll make this quick and painless. You are?":"test","And finally, when do you want your project to start _?":["I’m running late"],"Are you a hospitality brand?":"Yes"},"method":"POST","headers":{"host":"localhost:3000","accept":"application/json, text/plain, /","cf-ray":"804f2d343d8205da-IAD","cdn-loop":"cloudflare","x-real-ip":"","cf-visitor":"{\"scheme\":\"https\"}","connection":"close","user-agent":"axios/0.21.4","cf-ipcountry":"US","content-type":"application/json","content-length":"623","accept-encoding":"gzip","x-forwarded-for":"","cf-connecting-ip":"","x-forwarded-host":"cloud.activepieces.com","x-forwarded-port":"443","x-forwarded-proto":"https","x-forwarded-server":"584185110eb7"},"queryParams":{}}”}

{“status”:200,“headers”:{“content-type”:“application/json; charset=UTF-8”,“vary”:“Origin, X-Origin, Referer”,“date”:“Mon, 11 Sep 2023 16:15:08 GMT”,“server”:“ESF”,“cache-control”:“private”,“x-xss-protection”:“0”,“x-frame-options”:“SAMEORIGIN”,“x-content-type-options”:“nosniff”,“alt-svc”:“h3=":443"; ma=2592000,h3-29=":443"; ma=2592000”,“connection”:“close”,“transfer-encoding”:“chunked”},“body”:{“id”:“18a850678168155c”,“threadId”:“18a850678168155c”,“labelIds”:[“UNREAD”,“SENT”,“INBOX”]}}

Thanks for sharing @Yaiza - can you share the output of the first (Webhook) step please?

Here we go:
{“body”:{“Where is your business based in?”:“test”,“What’s your business website URL?”:“t”,“So tell me, where did you find us?”:[“Instagram”],“What are you wanting help with, _?”:[“Bar / Club”],“Where? Can you describe the space?”:“test”,“Nice to meet you, _! What’s your email?”:"test@test.com",“What is your budget for such design services?”:[“£ k”],“What is the problem you’re looking to solve?”:“tst”,“Okay, we’ll make this quick and painless. You are?”:“test”,“And finally, when do you want your project to start _?”:[“I’m running late”],“Are you a hospitality brand?”:“Yes”},“method”:“POST”,“headers”:{“host”:“localhost:3000”,“accept”:“application/json, text/plain, /”,“cf-ray”:“804f2d343d8205da-IAD”,“cdn-loop”:“cloudflare”,“x-real-ip”:“”,“cf-visitor”:“{"scheme":"https"}”,“connection”:“close”,“user-agent”:“axios/0.21.4”,“cf-ipcountry”:“US”,“content-type”:“application/json”,“content-length”:“623”,“accept-encoding”:“gzip”,“x-forwarded-for”:“”,“cf-connecting-ip”:“”,“x-forwarded-host”:“cloud.activepieces.com”,“x-forwarded-port”:“443”,“x-forwarded-proto”:“https”,“x-forwarded-server”:“584185110eb7”},“queryParams”:{}}

I don’t see anything that should cause a problem in your inputs/outputs. @abuaboud Can you take a look here?

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@ashrafsam, appreciate it. I’ll be awaiting any assistance. :+1:

Hello @Yaiza,

@kishanprmr has implemented a fix. Could you kindly test it out and tell us if it fixes your problem?

Hello @Yaiza , sorry for keeping you waiting.
I have fixed error you are facing in Notion piece.

Although, upon testing you exact use case, It seems like all the options fields in you Gozen forms are of type multipleChoice and corresponding notion field type is Select (only one option can be selected). So it will be resulting in error this error.

For example,
“What is your budget for such design services?” have type multipleChoice in form and Select in notion.

To fix this you can map your multipleChoice form field (which only require one option to be selected) to Select field in notion.

So your budget field mapping in notion will look like this .
1.Webhook Trigger body What is your budget for such design services? 0

Hey @abuaboud @kishanprmr,

I gave the flow another shot, but the emails are still arriving half-empty, just like yesterday.

As for the Gozen form, there are indeed multiple choices, but they’re set up for single responses only. You can’t select multiple answers.