From Instagram post to many (like twitter post and wordpress blog post, both rewrited by chatgpt)

Hello, I’m a newbie user of automation software… So, I need help to setup a flow starting from a instagram post of my business client → ask to ChatGPT to rewrite it to specific format (a Blog Post in wordpress for example) → post this content in wordpress and add Image taken from instagram post, alt tag, meta tag etc writed by Ai.
Similar process from Instagram to twitter for example.
So, please anyone can help me? Thanks in advance

So actually this is a great use-case, which I (and many others) would also like to use, but currently ActivePieces unfortunately does not get an authentication from Meta (Facebook), which of course also has an impact on Instagram and WhatApp… Read here: Facebook revoked our business verification

I hope that Meta will answer a positive response ASAP ^_^’
There’are other way with AP to scrape text (content and hashtag) and image from a post of a public page of instagram or facebook? So I can send it to ChatGPT to rewrite the content and send me by email for example or better solution to others social management service like Buffer (or appsumo LFD like Vista Social, Postly, Growapp etc etc) that can post it in every social network.

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