Facebook revoked our business verification

We understand that among the top use cases of using a business automation tool like Activepieces are things like:

  • Syncing Facebook Leads to a CRM or a Google Sheet.
  • Scheduling posts for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Creating bots for WhatsApp.

For these to work seamlessly on Activepieces, we need to have business verification, access verification and approval of permissions.

We got the 3 of them and approved the first use case (Facebook Leads) that many of our users enjoyed using. A couple of months later, Meta has revoked our business verification without a prior notice.

The business verification is the base to all of these, if you don’t have it, you can’t build anything with Meta.

We’ve been trying for several weeks to get it back. We submitted documents for more than 30 times that include our registration information, address and contacts. They keep rejecting them without any explanation.

This announcement means to:

  1. Let you know that you can’t use any pieces related to Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) with Activepieces at this time. You can ony use your own Facebook app to create posts on your Facebook page, but it’s a lengthy process.

  2. Ask you to help us if you know someone who works at Meta, please introduce us to them, there is no option to talk to a human on the platform.


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Hello @ashrafsam,
any update on this issue ?

@radu Not yet. We deleted our business accounts, they will be permanently deleted today. After that, we’ll create a new account with a new app and see how the verification process goes.


Hello, any update on this one?

We opened a ticket internally through friends who work at Meta but we haven’t yet heard back. No (useful) updates yet.

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We’re getting responses to the internal ticket but we’re not getting clear conclusions yet, I’ll keep updating this thread


We submitted our documents again today, I’ll update this thread if anything happens.


Add the Llama model support then they will accept :rofl:

In all seriousness, though, I hope they get this approved; it is an important platform to support. Does this also mean WhatsApp, Instagram and LinkedIn are also in peril?

thanks for the update @ashrafsam - Really looking forward to get this up again !

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@GunnerJnr Hehe I wish it was as easy as that! Yes, all of them are blocked. As far as I know, WhatsApp has other ways around it.

I guess this is why I couldn’t connect my facebook and IG to AP

Does this include using the conversion API?

Hey @ashrafsam,

While I don’t know have any friends working at Meta I suggest you reach out to people on LinkedIn (preferably with people you might have a shared connection with). I know it sounds crazy, but you’d be surprised haha.
Good Luck!

I would consider an outbound email and LinkedIn campaign to Facebook as this as it hurting the Active pieces brand and company. Lots of us are sitting on the fence, waiting to see if this will be fixed or if we have to move to another platform. I am a software development manager myself and have made a number of FB developer apps. I know Facebook quite well, and It seems unlikely this will be resolved by Facebook without you taking further action as this issue will simply be lost in their corporate malaise (with no one having any motivation to resolve this issue).


Please keep us updated, I know you guys are definetely trying hard to solve this but since the business of many of us depends on it we’ll probably be forced to move out of the platform unwillingly if we cease to be informed about it

That’s ridiculous. With some of the junk Zuckerberg allows. Will be watching this as closely as possible. Seems FB would be an important integration. Just getting started w/AP so I’ve got time to see how things shake out. Not like I’m a huge fan of FB anyway. I’ll be looking for work arounds once I get to learning the tool. Keep at it folks! Lots of great potential with this tool.

Is there any chance at all that AP will get verified again by Meta?

To be honest, I bought AP for this connection…
I know it might not be your fault, but still, it’s a huge disappointment for me that there is little to no update in 45 days… :frowning:


Hey @here I’m sorry for not providing satisfying updates on this thread for a while, thank you for your suggestions. Here is what I’ve done so far:

  1. I’ve submitted many very different kinds of the company’s documents. Facebook seems to have flagged our business against further verification.

  2. They slowed down on replying to our new requests, then we get a “Couldn’t be verified” message.

  3. We don’t have access to chat with anyone at Facebook. So I used a friend’s account twice to reach out to them. Once via email and once via the chat option. The first time they said they can’t tell why it’s not getting verified and refused to help further. The second one said it’s currently pending so I can’t do anything and asked us to wait until we get a new rejection and escalate through him (he didn’t sound helpful / powerful at all even if we do so).

  4. I worked with 2 connections who work at Meta, they both said the only way for them to investigate is through opening an internal support ticket about it and they both asked for the same information. I went ahead with one of them, provided all the information. After 36 email replies within 33 days, he said “Internally they are saying they don’t see the request, which is causing a bit of confusion” (although I thought he was discussing it with them already). So I think their internal support is not so powerful either.

  5. I’ve just created new fresh personal and business accounts and gone through the verification process again.

We’ve been working on this very hard but it seems to be a very serious turn off to some of our great users. I’ll double down on the efforts to get ourselves verified and get past this.

An important question in this context:
If we proceed with creating more Meta related pieces and ask you to create a Meta app in order to use them meanwhile, would this be a reasonable ask? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Sorry for disappointing you, we’d like you to stay with us as long as possible and we’ll do our best to meet your expectations.