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@ashrafsam in the Facebook troubles thread you mentioned that I should ask for help if I still could not get the Facebook connection working. I setup my FB app and when I connect, I grant it access to the FB Page for my business. However, I never see my page listed in the Pages dropdown. Do you have any clue what it could be?

I have tried Facebook Login and Facebook Login for Business. This is my business page.

Does Facebook have to approve my app before I can use it?

Has anyone connected Facebook with your own App? :cricket::cricket::cricket:

Please read up on this post:

I have. I replied to that post. @ashrafsam informed me that if I used my own FB app, then it should still work. Unless I misunderstood him. By using my own app, I am not relying on their approval from FB at all.

Ah, my apologies. I assumed you were just another user who wasn’t aware of Activepieces’ current situation with Facebook verification.

@ashrafsam Any thoughts?

I can properly setup the connection with Facebook. When I login, it properly lists my pages and I give it access to the page that I need. But the page never shows up in my Pages list.

Here is a look at the configuration for my app in the FB Dev console.


I added Instagram for Business to my FB app. Then I setup an Instagram for Business connection in AP. That worked! Then when I went into my FB Pages action, that also worked.

I am not sure why that fixed it but it’s working, so no complaints here.

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