Facebook Leads Integration

This should be a given.

We’re struggling with getting past Facebook verification. More info is here https://community.activepieces.com/t/facebook-revoked-our-business-verification

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Need this feature very badly may I know the Timeline for this piece

@HelloDas Did you try it on our cloud? It’s working now but it’s unstable as Meta keeps verifying and deverifying us (Facebook revoked our business verification)

Hi @ashrafsam could you please explain how to do this because on Activepieces I can’t find Facebook Lead Trigger Piece.

It’s down again, please check the updates on this post:


As it’s down again, does anyone have integrated Facebook Leads with their own app by using API? because i need it, i have half working great but there is a token i can’t found …

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@ashrafsam please enable the piece while using our own personal Meta app - desperately needing this to end my Zapier subscription once and for all.

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can you share the steps with me as well i really need to connect facebook leads to Google sheet

Facebook leads integration is not working. after clicking on new connection and connect, the pop up opens and says “Feature unavailable
Facebook Login is currently unavailable for this app as we are updating additional details for this app. Please try again later.”

Facebook Leads still do not work through Activepieces, but be aware that Meta finally released a direct integration to Google Sheets. So you can have your data straight to a Google Sheet - and if needed, use Activepieces to trigger further actions.

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Even though I searched and inquired, I couldn’t find anything about direct integration between meta and Google Sheet. Where can I check it?