Email Notifications on Issues

Hello Activepiecers! :star2:

We’re excited to share that now you’ll be able to receive email notifications whenever your flows encounter any issues while running. :rocket:
As soon as there’s a hiccup, you’ll get an email right away. :bell:

We hope this helps you stay on top of your tasks and keep everything running seamlessly. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us.

Email template:

Happy flowing! :tada:

Thanks @islamaf Will we receive email notifications only the first time the issue is created or on each update on it? Since Issues are Grouped

Also, will that work for both self hosted and cloud?

Hi @ashrafsam!

The email notifications will be sent in first time the issue is created and it will be available for both self hosted and cloud!

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Would it be possible to change the email address for notifications ?

Great Feedback @Eduardo

@islamaf Is currently working on something to resolve the alerts in general.

This feature is now overridden by this: Introducing Project Alerts