Introducing Project Alerts

Hello Activepiecers! :star2:

Great news! No more alerts spamming your email inbox anymore! :man_dancing:

We’ve added an alerts section on your project settings page. Now you can choose which email(s) will receive project alerts. In the future, you’ll also be able to use different channels for alerts!

For now, you’ll receive emails about issues in flow runs. Soon, we’ll add more exciting alerts! :rocket:

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to send it!


Do I need to turn on something in addition to receive notifications? The scripts did not work for almost a day due to problems with a constant IP (please pay attention to the number of requests on this topic), but not a single notification letter was received. The cloud version

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Hello @Konrod, thank you for reporting this issue!
It should be now fixed and working as intended.

Thank you for your patience.

Alert notifications should be a mandatory feature for ALL plans.
I dont get why there is a need of a disclaimer put on the Alerts tab.

" Note: This feature is in BETA and will only be Free during the BETA period."

Email Alerts must be a compulsary feature so that in case any flow fails, email notification is sent and I can take the appropriate action to check the cause of failure.
Thats should be the idea of Automation during failures.
Its wrong for me as a user to everyday login to Activepieces dashboard and check if there were any failure in the flow.

It will be interesting to see what more alert features come in.
Looking forward to it.

Hi @startuphosting2015

We totally agree with that, an alternative / basic notification will be included for failed run, for the time being we made it free until we have something ready and the alerts will evolve to fit enterprise needs like deep integration with their existing alerting systems.

It was discussed there as well Limitations on the Pro plan + AppSumo - #5 by ashrafsam

Enjoy :smiley:

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Missing alerts during failure of flows is a recipe for disaster :smiley:

UPDATE: We have updated the note on the alerts, reflecting the tier differences between basic and advanced alerts!

I looked at the history. From July 4 to July 17, the flows did not work… It beautiful…

And not a single message about the problem. Last time the flows have been working with an error for 2 months… A big disappointment.

The first message was received, thank you

Did you make any new settings change to get the alert?

No. most likely, someone saw the message and fixed the problem.

No @Konrod We didn’t change anything yet. I’ll let the team dig into this issue and make sure things are working as expected. Will update you here

Hi @Konrod,

Just to verify, the project alerts only the first time an issue appears. For example, if an issue appears, it will send an email, but it will stop sending notifications until you press “Mark Resolved.” After that, it will send alerts again.

Was this the case here? Because I feel it might be a miscommunication on our side.

I too got a failed flow error first time today.

So now I need to “Mark Resolved” so that Alerts come again? :thinking:

What if I have not seen the first email? Or did not check or missed it to read the email due to some overlook?
By what you have mentioned “Mark Resolved” if not done all that flow Alerts stop :stop_sign:. Does not sound appropriate in my opinion.

Maybe we should remove the Alerts dependency on “Mark Resolved” button.
Let the alert come always if the flow fails then only the users get to know that something is wrong when they see multiple failure emails.

I might prefer receiving a notification every time a flows fails, not just on the first time. @abuaboud would this be something to add inside the profile page as a sort of ‘preference section’ where people would be allowed to select their way of receiving notifications?

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Hi @Bram and @startuphosting2015,

I think we need to find a middle ground because sending a failure notification for every run will spam your email in no time; you could get 100 emails at same minute.

Maybe we should implement Reminders on top of Mark as resolved. @islamaf, let’s try to scope this out and see how we can improve it.

@startuphosting2015 Was this your issue on why you didn’t receive the email?

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I think this middle ground solution is perfect…
Maybe 1 failure email every 5 minute per flow whenever the flows attempts a run.
Or maybe have it user configurable to set the max failure emails every 5 minute per flow.

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