Draft Email Creation in Gmail Piece

I propose adding a feature for automated draft email creation within Gmail.*

Currently, I’m using OpenAI to generate emails. However, I do not trust it enough to send these emails directly. I have been using the Approval piece as a workaround, and while it serves its purpose, it does have its limitations. A feature that allows for emails to be saved as drafts in Gmail would streamline the process. It would provide the flexibility to review, directly edit, and send them out from Gmail’s interface.

This request ties in with the existing feature request for Advanced GMail Actions (Advanced GMail Actions (Forward, Tag, …)) by @axgr. While the workaround in that thread is effective, the ability to draft emails would complement it nicely. For instance, if we could save an email as a draft, it would be more convenient to directly reply to an email thread.

Looking forward to the community’s thoughts on this!