Advanced GMail Actions (Forward, Tag, ..)

GMail Actions

I use GMail filter rules for my business mail, but it has its limits (i.e., forwarding an email to multiple receivers). Many emails could also be analyzed by ChatGPT, and actions, or even replies, could happen automatically.

I’d like to get at least access to the following actions

  • Reply to email
  • Forward email
  • Tag email
  • Delete email

Using Activepieces, I could create rules on steroids with all the integrations. So far I have to use SMTP to access mail and then GMail to send them, but I don’t seem to have access to the actual mail.

This sounds like a good idea! I’ve managed to implement email replying and forwarding using the IMAP trigger in ActivePieces. For forwarding, I use {subject} for the subject line and format the email body like this:

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: {sender}
Date: {date}
Subject: {subject}
To: {to}


It’s not a complete substitute for native Gmail actions, but it gets the job done.

Nice workaround! Still would love to see a native integration to also manage tags.


99% of other automation apps- including albato- have this and Activepieces does not. The development seems dead as i saw no improvements in the real life apps - like gmail triggers. i have max tier but think to refund

Hey Paul,

Firstly, I’d like to mention that when you choose to invest in a platform, it’s important to do your homework. ActivePieces is a powerful tool with its unique features, and while it might not have everything out of the box, that doesn’t mean it’s stagnant.

On the note of development seeming “dead,” I have to respectfully disagree. If you take a look at the Announcements section, you’d notice that the ActivePieces team has been consistently pushing out new apps and features.

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Yes. You are right. Today I received my first newsletter and saw the good and hard job all team does. But if you do not communicate, how should I know? I do not use all the tools updated

“If you just communicate, you can get by. But if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles.” – Jim Rohn,

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Hey Paul,

While I resonate with your sentiment regarding the importance of communication, my perspective on how ActivePieces handles it differs slightly. The dev team at is one of the most responsive and engaged I’ve seen across many companies. They may not send frequent newsletters, but they are consistently active here on the forum.

For more real-time updates, I’d recommend joining the Discord. The team shares every new piece and updates for actions/triggers in the announcements channel, which could be what you’re looking for.

I do agree with you that a public roadmap would be a great addition. Something akin to the Bricks Builder Roadmap.

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I would like to state I’m happy to see that this is already a feature request. It’s important to be able to have more actions than just “Send email” for a timed trigger.

The workflow I would like to implement is to be able to read a Google sheet that I’ve created in one flow and I have a column that gives an action to the email. The Google sheet has the mail id and I can find the correct rows in the sheet. I would program this but I’m hindered by my lack of experience with TypeScript, Node.js and the like but I will try and figure this out.

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I’d also like to see this. The more Google pieces with enriched actions, the better! Gmail included.

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I’m out of votes lol

You need to increase your tier level to have more.