Custom Scopes - LeadConnector

Multi Select Custom Scopes for LeadConnector

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Current State:
We can now use custom endpoints thanks to the work done here by @MoShizzle

This is great, however, most of the LeadConnector endpoints are still unavailable for use due to them being protected by custom scopes.

Currently we only have access to these scopes:

* campaigns.readonly
* contacts.write
* contacts.readonly
* locations/tags.readonly
* locations/tags.write
* opportunities.readonly
* opportunities.write
* users.readonly
* workflows.readonly
* forms.readonly

Feature Request:

We need to be able to have a multi-select dropdown component to pick from the full breadth of scopes provided here in the LeadConnector V2 API Documentation. The dropdown will be present during the ‘New Connection’ stage for the LeadConnector Piece

No additonal actions/triggers are required at this point in time.

If someone can get the dynamic multi-picker working, I am happy to maintain the list of scopes when they become available!