Create AI images for blog post and pages

Hi there!

A question. Is there anyone that has ideas or tips on how we can create images in the same flow as creating content and posting on Wordpress? Is there a service that Activepieces already is connected with? I mean creating images from scratch here.


Hi @Lars We have Stability AI which is being used for this purpose by many users. We’re releasing support for models through the Clarifai piece soon.

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Interesting. Thank you Ashrafsam. I will take a look. Appriciate it.

Btw. Any of these two you would recommend?
In terms of pricing and output… If you have any thoughts of their services.

Or. Sorry. You meant through Clarity. It does not create images. It enables things. I guess. Hehe.
Sorry. New to this :slight_smile:

There are many platforms you could use by using the HTTP requests. Also you could get your images via Stockphoto’s like unsplash. It works amazingly well.

Btw u Dutch Lars?

Hmm. HTTP request. Have to check that out. Thanks.

I’m Swedish :slight_smile: You’re Dutch?

Yeah, doing automations for hobby haha, currently helping my girlfriends business doing work for like 2-3 people just by herself by automation as much a possible. but planning on expanding that.

Once you get the hang of HTTP Request the “whole world” of connections is open

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Haha! Lucky her :slight_smile:

Already with the content production, it feels like Im already able to do several days of work. I’m working with SEO. So scaling up the content production is a big step. And with ChatGpt4 the content is already way better then most of the content writers that I have hired through the years.

But this type of automation is new for me. Seems that HTTP requests is worthwhile pursuit.

Ahh Cool!, it is amazing for SEO, i’ve recently tweaked that much out of it to make the posts with a 95-100% compliancyto YOAST SEO everytime they are created. it only takes here 5 minutes to check and do some finishing touches.

Ah. Wow. That’s really cool. Talk about being detailed. Have you seen any good results with that?

Yeah you can check this example, one of the blogposts we created.

Nice I like it. Did you have a good set-up for the internal links? Or did you insert them manually?

Not sure if you tried it. But making chatgpt write sections in the text like tables, pros and con bullets, and FAQ in the ending makes the articles more alive and I think it also easier for search engines to understand the text and concept. You can also make ChatGpt write featured snippet and have it insert it as a second paragraph.

I dont think the tables need to be super detailed, but it could be a plus. I just googled annuity mortgage, and the site on secon place had a table i.e

Just suggestions. But yeah. it pretty simple with activepieces and chatgpt to make a table of somekind in a few of the articles.

I havent tried if the ChatGPT API also is able to make the graphics as ChatGpt Interpreter can. There you can get nice visualisations of graphs. If you know what I mean. But that is another suggestion.

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Very good suggestions! especially about the structure of the Posts! I need to check if there is enough space as we are limited to a little over 8000 input tokens. BUt this weekend will probabvly spend some time to see if i can create some better blogposts and structures.

The Internal links are added automatically that is the same for the external links. in case you want to know the trick PM me and i can show you some more details

The graphics is also very cool to chek out, how would it create ghraphics? is that via Dall-E?

Hello Bram, Thanks for sharing this idea.

Is it possible to share a bit more about how you get images from Unsplash? I assume you are using their API within HTTP GET? Any pointers are helpful as I like to extract and add images to my posts.

Appreciate your help!

Hi Newmark,

Yes I do, i think below documentation/ youtube will probably give you the exact details you look for.

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Hi Bram,
I am new to Activepieces and this community, saw this post and had to ask you.

Seems like HTTP opens a lot of doors. Do you have some good recommendation where to dig into this topic? I want to go all in with automation and learn these things.

Also you mentioned external links, which is one of my main pain points. I am creating AI articles but external links are a manual step which would be great to automate. Also optimizing articles would be another huge timesaver to have automated as much as possible.

If you don’t mind I would also PM you in case thats ok for you. Don’t want to steal your time, too!


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Hi Thomas,

The best learnings are by doing. Especially as there are quiet a lot of website where documentation is scattered and not formatted in the same way so you always have to do some research to get it right, but that is development anyway.

I think youtube should provide you most of the answers, and about the external links, let AI come-up with the answer :wink: atleast that is how i did it.

Hi Bram,

thanks for your response. Yeah I thought I could skip some of this research, but learning by doing is always the best way.

Regarding your tip to work the external links in tandem with AI was something I immediately tried and got some good ideas which could end in a nice little script helping me with this issue :slight_smile:

Now I just need to get the hang of activepieces. Thanks again!

Hi Bram, thanks for your help. I’m new to automation and want to connect Google Sheets to YoastSEO in WordPress. Do you know how to do it?

Also, do you know a place to learn HTTP or API calls to improve my automations in ActivePieces?.

I find this: Yoast SEO: REST API | Yoast developer portal
I don’t know if it’s helpful for ActivePieces…
Thansk a lot man.