Coding direction

I’ve decided to (finally) learn to code … but where to start?

Specifically, I want to be able to code a “piece” for my email platform called Vbout, and another for ThriveLeads so I can hook these guys up.

(I just retired, and I’m bored, so I have a ton of time on my hands) LOL

So my question is which programming language should I learn to figure all this out?

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Hi @MDPublisher , welcome to the Activepieces community!

In the link you can find the documentation regarding piece development. Fork Repository - Activepieces I think YouTube can be a great teacher in better understanding the ins and outs

I saw you want to connect VBOUT, there is a piece available so no need to build any more.

You might also want to keep a look at this thread, as we are hoping for more detailed insctructions on developing pieces. The learning curve can be really steep Developing a piece Step-by Step

Have fun exploring!

Kr Bram

Hey @Bram … Thanks for your response!

I saw that thread, but it’s not clear what kind of computer language I should start learning. And I get that the learning curve is steep, but I’m up for the challenge!

Good news about Vbout though. Exciting.

So java script? Is that a good starting place?


TypeScript and JavaScript are what ActivePieces is using for their code module including the actual code in the repository :blush:. That’s a good starting point.

@menacestudio … Thanks, brother.

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