Developing a piece Step-by Step

Hi Community,

At first I want to thank the great community of constantly improving the platform and pieces every day. Activepieces is growing really fast and I think in the right direction.

What is also notice is that amount of feature requests is growing fast. I think faster then contributors are able to build the pieces. Sometimes those requests are new pieces request sometimes it are upgrades on current pieces to have more “actions” available.

I have a technical background, and read the documentation but I think I’m not able to develop a piece myself. But I would really like to know more how to build/upgrade pieces. I do think the more people can do this correct way the faster the platform could be growing and is able to answer the amount of feature requests of the community.

So my question to one or maybe more of the contributors. Would it possible to create a Step-by-Step tutorial on how to build a pieces. Literally from the beginning, like you receive a brand new laptop.

I am not sure if more people would like to know “how to develop a piece” so please vote if you think this would be something you want too. As I do think there could be some low-hanging fruit around here when the group of people who can create pieces is extended.



This is a great idea. I would like to contribute as well, but wouldn’t know where to start.


Love this idea! It’s got my vote. :slight_smile: Now we just need a smart teacher to create the step-by-step for us.


I was searching for this all over!
This is exactly what I need. For instance I got the API documentation for pipio.
I should be able to make a new piece for it.
But I just can’t find proper instruction. A screenrecording with someone talking over it would be epic.

Thank you.


Great idea, would love this too! Beginner friendly please lol … plus, it might be a great tool to pass to developers that aren’t familiar with ActivePieces

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Hey Bram, Super great idea! Luv it!

It could be a big door opener for a faster growing. I think some deep effort in a detailed step by step manual could bring so much benefit for all users, the community and also for you dev team! :star_struck:

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Hi there guys, we love your enthusiasm :heart: , here are our docs to get you started, feel free to ask us about anything here and we will get back to you as soon as we can, cheers.

I give you my vote! hehe

While docs is a great way to understand how to create a new piece, I think tutorials target a different segment of people and can open the doors wide to new contributors


Happy to have your vote @ashrafsam and also that you see “creating pieces” can reach a bigger group of people.

Honestly it might seem to be a bit out of reach for now, but I think if more people will understand how to create pieces, we together can skyrocket the development of new apps. And I do believe that we would be able to beat the competition like Pabbly, Make and Zapier. Not as a goal but as a result of the hard work and dedication of this amazing community.

I really hope we can make this happen🚀

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@Bram My english is not that good… But i’ve created a couple of pieces and maybe I will make a tutorial (next week?). Not a video tho, but a pretty deep tutorial, from creating the peace, to sending it for review.


@PFernandez98 Your English is great in my books (objectively, it’s actually good.)

Plus, I’ll happily vouch for Pablo: he’s a rocking dev and very generous with his time too!

And he’s still cooking…

Thanks again for all your hard work brotha! :heart:

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That would be amazing!

Maybe in the future I can create a recording based on your details, or if there are people here who do this for their profession with the right tools, that would even be better ofcourse.


If needed I would also help you guys in documentation, translating or reviewing some stuff.

what a great community engagement! whoopp whoopp’! :wink:


I would love to see that, another improvement is create tagging for pieces that has been created by community and what has been created by the team themselves.

This way we can also differentiate between trusted pieces and less trusted pieces

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100% – this is presently a huge missing piece. :smirk:


Hi there guys, we love your enthusiasm :heart: , here are our docs to get you started, feel free to ask us about anything here and we will get back to you as soon as we can, cheers.

@Abdul This request wouldn’t be needed if your documentation was sufficient to code a piece. That’s the point of the request. I’m no pro, but i have coding experience and I find your documentation unhelpful. I recommend looking at Wordpress’ Plugin Development Documentation as an example. And possible converting it to a zipped/upload pieces. This could also lead to “paid” pieces where creators can charge for their work for very specific use cases or companies and products creating their own pieces for their users.

Just having a couple of “demo” pieces would be really helpful.


This would be so helpful! I’d love to work on creating niche pieces that are unlikely to get added anytime soon. It would be so great to have a video that shows someone creating a piece using an API to give us a head start in creating our own.

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@PFernandez98 - It’s easy! Write the tutorial and we can ask ChatGPT to restructure it! Your insights are the most important part of the process!


@PFernandez98 Any news on that? Just wanted to check back to you. :wink:

I’d love to collaborate with you as I’m in the same boat as others. :slight_smile: