Chatbots - 1. White Label, 2. Custom Design, 3. Additional Action for Training Data, 4. Documentation

Feature Requests:

  1. A significant enhancement would be the introduction of a white-label option. While I fully appreciate the recognition for your team’s outstanding work with the ‘ActivePieces’ bar, from a business standpoint, it’s essential to offer a version without it. This not only ensures clients can present it as their own, but it means we as sellers can maintain keeping the tools of the trade discreet.

  2. Additionally, allowing these to be embedded as widgets on websites would be beneficial. This feature should include customising the chatbot’s design, incorporating custom logos, and providing a settings area for users to input their OpenAI API key.

  3. I haven’t yet delved into the bots’ capabilities, so this feature might already exist. What’s the limit for file uploads for training purposes? Instead of consuming your server or cloud storage space, perhaps allowing users to designate a directory or incorporate an action in the workflow to direct to a training file location would be more efficient. Or even a way for us to store the user chat in a Google Sheet of sorts, in a Q&A style, then this can also be added as a ‘training data file’ allowing the bot to ‘expand its knowledge’. I gather they don’t use neural nets or ML currently. If they do, great!

  4. Chatbot Documentation - This is really a must!

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I vote once for each - 4 votes! :slightly_smiling_face:

What kind of docs are you looking for @GunnerJnr ? I meant my announcement to be the starting point to documenting the usage of the chatbots.

@ashrafsam Normally, I would say developer docs, but we won’t be seeing the underlying code, I guess there should be a manual of sorts that addresses the above-mentioned stuff, like:

  • Storage Limits (do these exist)
  • Token Limits (are these per model?)
  • Model Compatibility (can we use all? Is it only the OpenAI API? Can we use other models? Can these be linked up via steps or actions on a flow, etc.)
  • Will there be additional ways to access training data via a step or an action in a flow?
  • Will there be a way for the user to upload additional items to train it on, or would they always have to come to us?
  • Is it possible to have two chatbots talk to one another through a flow to achieve (in a way) a certain autonomous flow by preloading them with instructions?
  • Will there be a way to set additional roles (system, user, assistant) or messages when creating the bot? If not, will there be a way to feed this information to the bot via a step or action in a flow, or through say a Google sheet?

When programming with the OpenAI API itself, you are able to do things like:

const response = await{
    model: "gpt-3.5-turbo",
    messages: [
            "role": "system",
            "content": "You are a helpful assistant."
            "role": "user",
            "content": "Who won the world series in 2020?"
            "role": "assistant",
            "content": "The Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series in 2020."
            "role": "user",
            "content": "Where was it played?"

I only ask as I know we can have a conversation with the bot, but sometimes we might not want to limit it to only one role, so a way to switch roles might be a nice addition. Whether it be in the form of a dropdown for the user to select or in the steps or actions for us to manipulate when creating flows. Or as mentioned above, even feed up a Google sheet with the columns role, and content, then in the bot’s steps or action we can put these as values in the bots Ask the bot a question field. (Hopefully, that makes sense).

Perhaps we could even have multiple bots and interchange them throughout the flow? But once the user clicks the link to chat with the bot, I don’t see how it is a possibility.

Sorry for all the questions. For me, it is all stuff like this that should be documentation (or a user manual of sorts).

The current user manual is a little vague:

I guess it is possible I have misunderstood the intention of these bots, and they could have been designed to be fed a role that they must strictly adhere to. In essence, we provide it with tailored data so that it can answer the users’ intent via a Q&A style conversion.

But I do not know what direction you are looking to take them, so I thought I would throw my thoughts out there, and who knows, maybe some will be beneficial features. I guess it all depends on the needs at the end of the day.

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+1 for White label to Open Source.

TBH most successful Open Source / FOSS softwares in these times, are the ones that do it 1:1 releaases.

A good example and amazing app, is

The developer Baptiste has decided to host the APP on Cloud and he sells it to ofcourse gain money from developing such a great app for the world to use.

Yet in same time, the code he is releasing as Open Source, had ALL features as his Cloud paid version.

What you need to understand is that in these times most users are CONSUMERS, not devops, nor sysops.

So it would had been lovely to see more people following in 's footsteps and have their releases without limiting users.

First of all, see this, I seen all your limitations done / left out on purpose. Yet trust me, who wants to keep it hosted the free version, he COULD develop himself these features, my question is WHY to do it again, when you guys have the code, just decided to remove it… We need to evolve together.

@UHL-Services I think @GunnerJnr intended to mention whitelabel on the chatbots realm (coming from the chatbots announcement I know this).

Your point is interesting and I’d like to see a full discussion on it and see how others think about it. We’re a commercial open source company but we’d like to understand how the community thinks about open source and Activepieces and see where could potentially go to grow together!


@UHL-Services Thanks for shedding light on this. Every software starts with big dreams of giving us all the bells and whistles. But hey, developers gotta eat, too, right? So, they might ask for donations or roll out a fancier paid version. We all have bills to tackle, after all. And sometimes, the big corporate guys jump in, and that’s when the price tags start popping up. Can’t really blame them for having a paid version – they’ve poured their heart into it, so why not get a little something back?

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I never implied they should not have their own paid hosted solution, yet my focus was that they could follow the model from .

@UHL-Services Ahh, sorry, that was my bad. I see what you are saying now. More of a custom interface for building the bot out.

You could always make a Request for them to support TypeBot as a piece and link it up. :slight_smile:

Already made the support request, yet forgot to link it here.

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+1 for all for feature request

I think, 2 other features would make it perfect :

(edited post from here : ✨ Announcing Chatbots: Create, train and share - #14 by _y_b)

regarding sourcing : does it, so I guess it is possible

I agree with these requests. Also, adding the ability to train on a website/web page(s) would be ideal. What would be particularly great about this is if we could have the bot regularly check to see if the data on the site had changed, and then update the training accordingly. That way, we could post/edit current training data on the website (just like writing/editing a blog post) and have the bot automatically train on the updated data.

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Chatbots are not longer a product of Activepieces. We’re sorry about this and thank you for the suggestions.

Please refer to (🛑 Important Update: Sunsetting Chatbots) for the full sunsetting announcement.

I’ll close this topic as well.

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