🔒 Authentication for Webhook

Hello Activepiecers,

We’re introducing a new feature to make your webhook connections more secure. Now, it’s easier to protect your automation processes with two authentication methods.

  • Header-Based Authentication: Secure your webhook endpoints by verifying specific headers, ensuring that only authorized requests are processed.
  • Basic Authentication: Implement industry-standard authentication by providing a username and password, safeguarding your webhook endpoints from unauthorized access.

To use these authentication methods, simply head to the webhook piece Catch Webhook settings and select your preferred option from the dropdown menu. With just a few clicks.

Happy Automating!

The Activepieces Team :rocket:


Great news. Thank you for constantly developing the product. I’m really glad that I paid for it once - and it has already paid for itself many times over.

But please don’t forget that not only programmers use it…

Add examples of correct links, examples of use (what is this type for, what is that for)…

I seem to have been working with automation for a long time, but many points in your product cause pain. It seems like there are the necessary tools, but only developers know how to use them, and they can do just fine without your tool…

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Hi @Konrod Thanks for bringing this up. Can you help me understand the situation better?

What’s your use case that you need this feature for and what’s the missing documentation about it? Can you give me examples?

By the way, this is why we started the Automation School recently. It’s still in its early days so you won’t find it so mature yet, but it’s the seed for the educational content that will help our users use the product.