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Webhooks Authentication

Hello, been using ActivePieces for a few days and I think it’s awesome. Currently I’m using other tools and I’m trying to find a place where to have everything. I’ve been using N8N for the last 5 years.

I’m surprised I can’t set up authentication in ActivePieces webhooks… I don’t want to expose my internal tasks to anyone on the internet that has the URL…

I think this shouldn’t be a feature, but a requirement, a must to have…

I.E (n8n):

Hi @yukyo,

I agree. We’ve implemented the migration to move webhooks into pieces, so it should be trivial now. I’ve opened a ticket on GitHub.

It’s actually easy and should be a great first issue for any contributors. (Link: Add Authentication for webhook piece · Issue #4195 · activepieces/activepieces · GitHub)

Sorry, so what I have to do? I’m not sure I fully understood what you mean this is a great first issue for any contributors…

@yukyo that means that there’s a new ticket that has been added so that anyone can work on to implement that feature, or requirement. :slight_smile:

I do agree that this is an important feature.

Hi @yukyo as a work around for now until the ticket is solved, you could add the connection name in webhook headers or body and use the connections piece to retrieve it, granted your connection name is used here as the secret :smiley:


@yukyo Done by contributor and now it’s released

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