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Hello there Activepiecers!

This category is targeted towards whoever wants to share their templates with us and receive free tasks on our cloud :smiley: .

Templates will be reviewed by core team members and added to our templates list so all people can benefit from them.

We highly appreciate your efforts and hope you enjoy using Activepieces to build your automations :heart: .

Please make sure your template follows these rules so they can be accepted for review:

  1. The template must have (2 or more) steps after the trigger or (5 or more) filled inputs (other than the connection and any inputs that depend on it, and predefined inputs as well).

  2. Please provide a description between 50-250 letters telling us what it is supposed to achieve.

  3. Make sure your template has a use case, as in a real life scenario where you believe your template is solving an issue for.

  4. Make sure your loops and branches names explain what they do as much as you can.


by this template when you complete a task in todoist you can add it to notion database as a item
Import Flow - Activepieces

Hi there @Ayman_Ayoub, could you please add another step to your template for another task managing app (i.e Clickup, Update Task to mark it there as completed) then send me your email account on our cloud as well ?

Get rid of manual review replies by using this template just adjust the comments according to you and that’s it you are ready to give a perfect user experience to your customers Template Url: https://cloud.activepieces.com/templates/KDq3Hu8be9r1lsG30DSwH

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Is there a place where you can view all the community submitted templates?

Hi there @P_D, it is been a while, welcome back :raised_hands:
We should be adding a category for that some time soon.

Using this template, you can get Slack notifications for new Typeform entries : Automated Flow

Hey buddy, thanks a lot for your contribution, but do you mind taking a look at the rules in the post? your template is missing some of the rules.

Hi there.
I’ve created a template to:
Email to your Sendgrid subscribers a new WordPress posts with specific ChatGPT prompt: check

I hope it can be useful to others, as it is already doing for me,