Zagomail Integration

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  • Subscriber Created: This event is triggered when a new subscriber is created or re-confirmed, keeping your lists up-to-date.
  • Subscriber Unsubscribed: Keep track of who’s opting out of your communications with the unsubscribe event notification.
  • Tag Added: Be notified when a subscriber is tagged, helping you monitor your segmentation efforts.
  • Tag Removed: Similarly, get alerts when a tag is removed from a subscriber, maintaining the accuracy of your segmentation.
  • Add Tag to Subscriber: Directly tag subscribers with relevant tags based on their actions or your segmentation strategy.
  • Create Subscriber: Grow your list by creating new subscribers as they come.
  • Delete Subscriber Tag: Simplify list management by deleting tags from subscribers when no longer relevant.
  • Get All Subscriber Tags: Access a complete overview of all tags used within your subscriber base for better analysis and segmentation.
  • Get Subscriber By Email: Find subscribers in specific lists based on their email address, making it easier to manage individual subscriber preferences.
  • Get Subscriber By UID: Retrieve subscriber details using their unique identifier (UID) for more precise management.
  • Unsubscribe Subscriber: Manage subscriber preferences by setting their status to “Unconfirmed” without removing them from the list entirely, allowing for future re-engagement opportunities.
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