Youtrack (JetBrains) Integration


Youtrack (from JetBrains) is a really famous and similar dev-ticket tool as like Jira Software(Atlassian) for example.


  • (Write) Add Comment to issue (Adds a new comment to an issue)
  • (Write) Add attachement to issue (adds an attachment to an issue)
  • (Write) Create issue (Creates a new issue)
  • (Write) Update issue (Updates an existing issue)
  • (Write) Add Watcher / Follower to issue (Adds a watcher (user) to an issue)
  • (Search) Find Issue (searches for an issue by summary or key)


  • (Scheduled / Instant) New Issue (Triggers when a new issue is created)
  • (Scheduled / Instant) Updated Issue (Triggers when existing Issue is updated) (+ filter)
  • (Scheduled / Instant) New Comment (Triggers when a new acomment is addad to an issue)
  • (Instant) Update Comment (Triggers when a comment on an issue is updated)

Use case:
Inputs from several channels by team into Youtrack. Alerting and Nofifying all team mates via slack / or another messenger if any provided event was triggered.

API Documentation: