Xero Authorisation Expires After 30 Minutes

I have set up the Connection to the Xero app. When I was redirected to Xero to authorise, it said that the token will only be active for 30 minutes.

The flow I set up to create a new Xero Invoice when a new email is received in Gmail worked great, however, the next day it failed because the Xero Token Expired.

It is not really useful to have these flows that only work for 30 minutes after the app connection is made.

I did some looking and it seems that it is because Activepieces uses the Xero Access Token, when it needs to use a Xero Refresh Token that automatically refreshes the tokens until the connection with the app is disconnected manually. See here

Can someone please tell me if I am wrong and how to fix it or can the Xero connection be updated to allow for long term authorisation please?

Thank you.

Hello @OConnorDM , Welcome to the community :wave:,

I apologize for the inconvenience you’re experiencing with the Xero app connection. I will forward this issue to our team for updating the connection to support the refresh token for long-term authorization.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we appreciate your patience as we resolve this issue.


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Awesome and thank you.

Hello @OConnorDM ,

This issue has been resolved. Please recreate the Xero connection to apply the changes.

That is awesome. Thank you. I will let you know if any further fails with the connection.

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