Wordpress custom post types and custom fields (ACF, METABOX etc...) Compatible with

I need support for custom post types and custom fields in Wordpress.
Most Wordpress users use plugins such as ACF and METABOX to implement custom post types and fields.

We would also like to see support for triggers such as update and delete as well as new post.

By managing Wordpress posts and custom post types in Google Sheets, it is no longer necessary to log into Wordpress and even those who are not good at PC operation can manage their tokyo in a familiar UI.

I don’t see much of an issue with connecting the core WP components, (e.g., Featured image, Content, Author). However, the bigger lift would be for custom taxonomies and custom fields. This would need a way to point to the custom taxonomies and a way to map the custom fields.

Another issue can be with relational records. Especially when they reside in a separate table.

Thanks for your comments, is the following site not helpful?
It documents the REST API when using a Wordpress plugin called METABOX.

Yes please. This is very much needed.

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Is this on the roadmap now?

I’m using ACF in a HTTP piece to wordpress you could also use the Custom API from Wordpress.

Would a simple video be helpful on how to set this up for ACF?

Kr Bram