WordPress custom post type connection

Platform Sync(Google Sheets, Airtable) with WordPress Custom Post Types

We would like to request the development of a new feature for our platform(Google Sheets, Airtable) that allows seamless synchronization with WordPress custom post types. The goal is to facilitate efficient content management across our main platform and our WordPress site by enabling the following actions:

Update: When changes are made to an entity on our platform, the corresponding custom post type in WordPress should be updated automatically. This includes text changes, category adjustments, and any metadata associated with the post.

Add: Whenever a new entity is created on our platform, a new custom post type entry should be added to WordPress with all the relevant details. This should trigger the correct taxonomies, metadata, and any associated fields without manual intervention.

Delete: If an entity is deleted from our platform, the corresponding WordPress custom post type should also be deleted to ensure consistency across our content ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • Two-way real-time sync between the platform and WordPress custom post types.
  • Support for all native WordPress custom fields and taxonomies.
  • Compatibility with popular WordPress custom post type plugins.
  • An intuitive mapping interface to link platform entities with WordPress custom post types.
  • Conflict resolution settings to manage data discrepancies between the two systems.
  • Robust error handling and logging for troubleshooting sync issues.
  • Secure data transfer to maintain privacy and integrity of the content.

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