WordPress connection Failed!

Hello, Why I have this error many times during the day?

Connection failed: REST API is not reachable,

sometime it works fine and other time failed!

The configuration is ok, because works and failed!, but why? and There is not a log/tool to do debug more exhaustive that “Run” feature


But, previously the configuration worked fine!, is there an issue with the WordPress connection?

This my configuration in wordpress

Permalinks → Post name , enabled

and the wp-json page is reachable, not security plugins available or enabled :confused:

@ashrafsam Hello, any comments about this issue?

My hosting provider is blocking your connections, the problem is not the configuration in my wordpress, I need your IP address o IP range to allow the connections

@abuaboud I think we assumed that whenever HTML is returned (or non-JSON), it’s a configuration issue? I’m not sure how accurate this error will be.

@dinolabs Regarding the IP, we don’t have a static IP, is it a plugin that you’re using or the whole hosting service?

Hello, yes the answer is an HTML error (Bot Verification… failed ), but the configuration is OK and the block is by the hosting service

But, I’m using pabbly connect with more connections and it’s working very nice, and the same configuration, What is wrong with Activepieces?

It also depends on how you insert the website url, i had an issue originally with needing to append /wp-admin to the url, but I think that was fixed.