WORDPRESS : Cannot get the list of the new posts

Hi everyone,

Can someone help me with the ‘Wordpress New Post’ trigger?
I connected my Wordpress website, but when I click on ‘Load data’ to get the list of the last new posts, it says : ’ No results found. Testing data failed. Please ensure that the settings are correct or try again.’

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello @Houefa ,

Are there any posts with the selected user as the author? Could you try creating a new post manually and checking if the trigger returns the data?

Hi @kishanprmr,
Sorry I didn’t see your message.
Yes, all my posts are created with this author (more than 150 posts). I created a post after creating the flow and I still have this error message.
Thanks for your help!

Hi @Houefa Houefa,

Are you sure you have the correct author? I just ran a test on my account and I create all my posts via API via ‘image_test’ as a username, but the public name is ‘de Publieke Partner’.

On my other account ‘Bram’ I get the same error message, but with that account no posts are created.

Hi @Bram,

Thanks for your help.

I think that I have the correct author because there is only one author who publishes posts on my website (me). The 2 other names are only logins to manage maintenance or automation.
When I connect my Wordpress to ActivePieces, I have a list of the authors identified, and then I select my name.
I tried to do a search with the name or the id of the author and still have the same error message.

This picture is the connection between Wordpress and ActivePieces. You can see the 3 users

This picture is the list of the 3 users on my Wordpress

This picture is the error message. When I try to seach for “Houefa Gbaguidi”, I still have the same error message.