Wordpress blog post error

any help with this, I’m getting this error as well:
Unexpected token ` in JSON at position 0 I have made no changes to the flow as it was downloaded

@Misfit_Media Can you post a screenshot of your flow and include more details please?

Here is the first part of the flow. The code block is where the error happens

The sheets sends to CHATGPT. But when ChatGPT sends its reply there is a ‘’’ before the json and that’s what’s causing the problem for the code block.

Hi @Misfit_Media - I’m not a programmer by any means, but the group here are very helpful. Below are some screen shots on how I have mine setup. In your first “AskGpt”, I believe you need to ensure that the JSON is properly created.

First GPT to put in JSON

Code return

Response use code to upload to discord or wordpress

Hope this helps you. I’m sure there might be a better way, but this is working for me. :grinning:

Take Care,

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